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Inspire Design & IT, bergerak di bidang web development. Membutuhkan tenaga kerja untuk diposisikan sebagai:

Web Programmer

1. Male/Female, max 30 thn
2. Min D3, lulusan IT
3. Understanding web technologies : HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, PHP, AJAX and any other emerging platforms
4. Familiar with open source engine like joomla, wordpress, magento , etc
5. Experience with back –end development technologies ( PHP, XML, MySQL, AJAX, JAVA SCRIPT)

6. Experience making various Website is an advantage.
7. Quickly develops and applies new skills. Ability to code, test, debug and document applications under supervision of other.
8. Understanding the latest trends of web technology such as Web 2.0, etc
9. Experience making web base inventory and networking is an advantace
10. Able to work under tight dateline and work in a team
11. Able to finish the project with quality and on time
12. Fast learner
13. High sense of belonging to the company
14. In good health

Lamaran pekerjaan dapat di kirimkan ke:
Ruko Plaza Graha Family D-11
Surabaya – 60226

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