Islamic International School PSM

Nama Perusahaan : Islamic International School PSM
Judul Lowongan : Islamic International School PSM
Batas Pengiriman : 14 Agustus 2009

Keterangan : Islamic International School PSM (IISPSM)


An Elementary School with International standard located in Magetan, East Java needs two qualified teachers at major of:
• PE (Physical Education)
• General Subject
1. English oral and writing
2. Active in any organization
3. Interested in sport, music, handiraft is preferable
4. Male (prefereable)
5. Knowledgeable in MS Office
6. Able to read Qur`an
7. Has global perspective in Islam
8. Has commitment in education

Special requirement:
PE: must have certificate in Physical education
General subject: must have certificate at any major

Send your CV (only) by email to or
Only eligible candidate will be informed on Sunday 16th August
2009 by email for interview and micro-teaching

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